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Photo Activation

Our Photo Activations are always a crowd favorite! We will work with you to design a customized background or green screen with optional props for your customers to interact with at your next event! You can choose to offer photos, GIFS or a short video for your customers to retrieve within seconds using an iPad retrieval station. You also have the option for your customers to receive their media through social media, email or print. Customized data collection is an option as well whether you want to grow your email ist, social media platforms, or get to know your customers.

Event Setup & Breakdown

Our experienced staff will take care of all the labor in setting up, and breaking down your event. You won't even have to lift a finger- unless you want to, of course. From small corporate gatherings to large scale events, you can be confident our experienced crew will take care of all the details, liberating you to focus on your event goals!

Planning & Coordination

We’ll help grow your seed of an idea into a grand design. We'll Be With You From Conception To Completion, And We'll Take Care Of All The Details In Between.


Talented staff are hand picked for each event according to your needs & goals. Not only do we pair our clients with staff who best fit each event, we manage them as well to ensure maximum results.

Types of staff we provide:
PROMOTIONAL MODEL: Models arrive hair and makeup ready to bring class, beauty, and elegance to your product/brand.Typical roles include: distributing promotional items, educating consumers on brand/product facts, and sales.Attire varies by event and client. For women, it can range from a tank top and skirt or shorts, to a ball gown complete with heels. For men it can range from jeans and a branded shirt to a full suit with dress shoes.

TRADE SHOW/CONVENTION TALENT: A huge asset to your booth! Trade show talent will increase your hot leads, exposure, and free your staff from delegable tasks, allowing them to focus on booth goals.Typical roles include: crowd gathering for presentations/announcements, lead gathering/generation, booth hosting, product/brand communication, and distributing promotional items. Attire varies by client but can be anything from a branded top and professional skirt or pants to a full suit.

EMCEE: The life of your event! An Emcee is great for all types of events from trade shows to festivals. They will make announcements through loudspeakers to attract consumers to the booth as well as keep the consumers engaged, excited, and hold their attention while communicating vital brand information. Typical roles include: Warming up the crowd before a speaker, commentating events, encouraging consumers to visit the booth, keeping booth attendees engaged and others passing by, and announce drawings/winners.Attire varies by event/client but can range from a branded top and skirt or pants/shorts, to a costume or full suit.

COSTUMED CHARACTER: A great visual draw for your brand! Costumed characters bring a fun, whimsical energy to your brand and create memorable brand experiences at your event.Typical roles include: taking photos with consumers, waiving and creating a fun and friendly atmosphere or a scary spooky atmosphere depending on your event needs. Costumed characters can be in full body enclosed costumes including head, or a costumed outfit.

BRAND AMBASSADOR:The ambassador of your brand! Brand ambassadors work as an extension of your company/brand to make it appealing to your target consumers, and drive demand and preference for your brand. They create a connection between your brand, and your target consumer by being a knowledgeable friendly face, and creating a memorable experience. BA's are used in all types of events- Street Teams, Guerrilla Marketing, Concerts, Fundraisers, Road Shows etc. Typical roles include: Crowd gathering, educating consumers on key brand/product information, data capture/surveys, product demonstration, and premium distribution to name a few.

STREET TEAM: Take your brand to the streets! A great way to get exposure, create a buzz, drive foot traffic to specific stores, and bring your brand or product to your target consumers. A team of Brand Ambassadors will activate on strategically picked streets, or visit several approved locations and distribute samples and/or coupons, communicate brand/product facts, and encourage consumers to interact through social media.

DEMO SPECALIST: Product demos are crucial to establishing new consumers relationships, and nurturing current ones. In our present economy, it's extremely important to consumers to be able to sample or interact with products before making a decision to purchase. Demo Specialists encourage sales and awareness by setting up an eye catching display with branded signs, communicate product info, hand out promotional giveaways, and sample/demo product to consumers. Our Demo Specialists create a bond between your product and your target consumers. They will set up an eye catching display to welcome consumer interactions, engage consumer and close the sale!

EVENT STAFF: From small to large scale events, staff are crucial to running and maintaining a smooth successful event. Staff fill a variety of roles including but not limited to: greeters, mic runners, badge scanners, line control, directional staff, crowd gathering, and VOG/emcees. We will have an onsite manager to handle the event staff, take care of details, and ensure your event exceeds expectation.


“After reviewing the demo reports, we noticed that you have done an exceptional job with the demos, and it’s only your first month with Sir Kensington’s-we can’t wait to see your progress! Thank you for your hard work. Keep it up!”

Lucy & Amelia, Sir Kensington

“Thank you for always putting your best foot forward and working with us. We appreciate everything you and your company has done. You have all made a tremendous impact on the business."

Distributor Sales Manager, Heineken USA

“So very proud to be affiliated with Walker Squared! We hire this wonderful company for all our events- whether it be company picnics, business banquets, tournaments, health & fitness expo or grand openings, they do it all! It really frees myself and my team up so we can focus on our duties during events and/or simply just get to enjoy the events! I also love that they give back to the community! Great company and great values!”

Tai Simo Molina, Co-Owner of Eastern Ways Martial Arts

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