Josh Walker (Co-Founder, COO)

Josh started in merchandising in 2007, and quickly excelled in his craft. He enjoyed connecting brands to consumers through visual marketing and esthetics. “It was really intriguing to learn about how much research and planning went into placements, and signage. Everything worked together to tell a story and communicate to consumers.” He worked his first promotional marketing job as a brand ambassador sampling a high end beverage in 2009, and really enjoyed interacting with consumers directly. “It was great to put a ‘face’ to the items and brands I’d merchandised in the past.” Josh’s merchandising background gave him an important edge in his ability to connect consumers with products.

Nani Walker (Co-Founder, CEO)

Nani worked her first event in the promotional marketing industry in 2004 as a brand ambassador. “My sole duty at the event was to handout energy drinks to attendees. It was fun interacting with so many different people, and becoming their ‘new best friend’ over free samples. I was hooked!” Over the years, she continued to work countless events, gaining experience ranging from entry level roles, to managing teams up to 150 people at one time. She worked with well known corporations and learned the ins & outs of events, as well as how consumers were impacted by the events, translating into sales.


“After reviewing the demo reports, we noticed that you have done an exceptional job with the demos, and it’s only your first month with Sir Kensington’s-we can’t wait to see your progress! Thank you for your hard work. Keep it up!”

Lucy & Amelia, Sir Kensington

“Thank you for always putting your best foot forward and working with us. We appreciate everything you and your company has done. You have all made a tremendous impact on the business."

Distributor Sales Manager, Heineken USA

“So very proud to be affiliated with Walker Squared! We hire this wonderful company for all our events- whether it be company picnics, business banquets, tournaments, health & fitness expo or grand openings, they do it all! It really frees myself and my team up so we can focus on our duties during events and/or simply just get to enjoy the events! I also love that they give back to the community! Great company and great values!”

Tai Simo Molina, Co-Owner of Eastern Ways Martial Arts

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